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       Since I was little, my dream has always been to be my own boss. I grew up watching my father and mother work sometimes several jobs in order to provide for their family. I never truly understood the types of personal sacrifice my parents made for me on a daily basis until I had a son of my own. Watching them work so hard for so many years has driven me to want the best for my family and given me the will to achieve it. 

       It all started working at multiple dealerships, over a couple year period, until my Wife Sequoia and I found out we were to be expecting our Son Grayson. Working at the dealerships wouldn't cut it for the 3 of us, so I slowly eased my way into creating my business and eventually got a full-time overnight union job at a copper factory. After over 8 months of working multiple jobs and many 90+ hour work weeks, we were finally able to purchase our first home as a family. The following day, I quit my factory job and fully committed to developing my own path.  Finally able to take on my business full time, things started to take off.  Everything from my techniques and knowledge, to the chemicals and equipment I use has and will continue to improve over time.  It's been a long learning process, but is all worth it at the end of the day when I get to go home to my family after leaving you and yours with that "brand new feeling" vehicle.

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